Would you like to become more engaged, encouraged, enlivened and empowered when facing concerns about the world?

It is easy to feel discouraged or defeated when looking at the many problems we face. Our starting point is to recognise that feeling disturbed is a normal, healthy reaction when you face something disturbing. This course introduces insights and practices that can help here.

Our goal is to look at

insights and practices

that help us face our 

concerns about the world

and respond in ways 

that contribute to

positive change

Seven Practices for Positive Change

The video-based course is in seven parts, which could be taken at weekly intervals, to give you time to try out the practice that comes with each section. You can start the course whenever you like and work through it at your own pace.

Section 1 - introduction to Active Hope Training, introducing the framework of The Work That Reconnects and sources from health psychology the course draws upon.

Section 2 - Coming from Gratitude - resourcing ourselves for a stronger starting point.

Section 3 - Honouring our Pain for the World - looking at what helps us mobilise the energy of our heart reactions without getting overwhelmed by them.

Section 4 - Seeing with New Eyes Part 1 - opening to encouraging and inspiring perspectives, introducing Systems Thinking and Gaia Theory.

Section 5 - Seeing with New Eyes Part 2 - introducing decolonisation and Deep Time, as well as visioning tools that help us find our power to make a difference.

Section 6 - Going Forth - finding our part to play, with planning tools that help us with this and strategies to prevent burnout.

Section 7 - Deepening and Sharing Active Hope - looking back at the journey we've covered and ahead at potential next steps. We'll also look at how we can share the tools that support Active Hope.

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With thanks to all who've supported us

We're grateful to the Emergence Foundation for a grant which helped us get on our feet, and to CollegeOfWellbeing.com for providing office space and video resources to produce the course.

The team behind this website and course is ActiveHope.Training (CIC), a UK based non-profit organisation/community interest company producing resources to support positive change in the world.

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